Fieldstone Gardens, Stalmine

Project Overview

Location – Lancashire

Type – Residential

Status – Under Construction

CGI – David Cox Architects

CGI Fly Through – Be More Cheetah

New Build – 6 Detached Residential Dwellings

The site lies in the south west corner of the village of Stalmine, adjoining open countryside to the west with residential development on the other three boundaries. The brief requires the houses to be laid out such that the views, sunlight and characteristics of each site are interpreted in their own unique ways. There are no standard house types as each house responds uniquely to its siting. Each of the houses is expected to have features that offer an element of surprise and delight to both the residents and visitors.

The access road serving the new houses should be more than just a road. It should be a place in its own right, with a character and a sense of belonging which enhances a movement from public realm across semi public space and into the private demise of the house. A wall begins at the junction with Carr End Lane and runs alongside the road until deep in the site, acting as an organising feature.

The dwellings, at two storeys in height, sit comfortably on the site and in relation to their neighbours. The houses are modelled according to their position on the site so that their relationship to neighbouring houses is considerate and overbearing will be avoided. Some of the houses include a dormer window to open up the attic into living spaces. These dormers are placed so that they are not adjacent to any boundaries and their impact on existing properties will be minimal.

Please scroll down below to see more CGI rendering and a hand sketched concept for the overall scheme.

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