!Audacious Church

Project Overview

Location – Salford

Type – Community

Status – Planning Application Granted

CGI – David Cox Architects

Expansion – !Audacious Church

!Audacious Church has grown steadily and rapidly since its inception 13 years ago. This expansion development stemmed from a genuine need for a larger building in order to support and accommodate the growth of its community. The proposal will afford the Church enhanced opportunities to expand on the support currently offered to the local community by providing infrastructure to support families, healthcare, education and businesses in the local community.

The scale of the project is likened to a modern day cathedral, a true landmark that announces what it is to passers by through its size and appearance. Careful consideration has been given, not only to provision of Church facilities, but also to street presence, experience of attending a Church service, pragmatic sequence of construction phases and continued operation of the existing church building during construction works.

The Church is a public building. A visual presence ensures that it is recognisable to visitors and potential future visitors, helping it to be a recognisable feature of the city. An honesty of its use through outward appearance will differentiate it from the surrounding residential and office uses. This is achieved by exaggerating opening sizes and introducing bold, clearly recognisable forms, which is a contrast to the small cellular windows of the surrounding buildings. By limiting the number of visual gestures, this allows the elevation to be easily understood, eye-catching and a feature on the street scene.


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