Preston, Looking In

The next Preston Partnership event, taking place on 6th June, will include a keynote speech from Andrew Carter, Centre of Cities. With a focus on assisting Cities across the UK realise their economic potential, boosting productivity and rigorous research and policy ideas to help Cities addresses the challenges and opportunities they face, we’re in for a very interesting morning.

Following the keynote speaker will be a panel debate hosted by our very own David Cox.

The panel, consisting of a range of public and private organisations, includes:

Chair: David Cox (David Cox Architects)
Andrew Carter (Centre for Cities)
Adrian Phillips (Preston City Council)
Gillian Parkinson (Lancashire Post)
Robert Binns (Cotton Court)
Ruth Connor (UCLan)

We’re keen to join the conversation in terms of Preston’s priority USP, what makes us want to live and work in the City and what are our ambitions for Preston.

Lots to discuss, and we’ll see you there!

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